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Domain History of Dartmouth Free Press website

By Tristan

About Dartmouth Free Press website

The was an online student political newspaper that provides a forum for liberal, progressive, and alternative voices on their campus. The website features political commentary and news analysis for both national and campus issues on a biweekly basis. The Dartmouth Free Press website intends to combine sound journalism and progressive perspectives that inform and educate  Dartmouth students. The website also provides a disclaimer that the views expressed on the site do not reflect those of Dartmouth College, the administrators, faculty, or any associates of the campus.

It also provides details that the Dartmouth Free Press website was founded in October of 2000 by Timothy Waligore, Jeffrey Vardaro, Daniel Pollock, Laura Dellatore, Justin Sarma, and Michelle Chui. To read other related articles, visit Lawyer News.

Services offered on website

On the landing page of the Dartmouth Free Press website, it will show all the latest news published and available for all the visitors of the site. The visitors of the website can choose the news they want to read by clicking the categories. The categories of the news fall under Issues, Campus, National/International, Arts/Entertainment, and last the Special category.

On the Issues category, it’s all about the hot issues happening in and out of the campus. For the Campus category, it provides news about the happenings inside the campus. One of the news under the Campus category is about the dirty dirty salad that was served in Dartmouth dining service’s food court and home plate facilities. For the third category, the National and International category. It tackles national issues and international issues, one example from this category is the recent revolution that happened in Tunisia and Egypt. And for the national issue, they share a piece of news about interviewing the US presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

The fourth category in the Dartmouth Free Press website is about Arts and Entertainment. One of the posted news under this category is titled “The King of Limbs is Not Boring”, which is about the latest single of the band Radiohead. And the last category is the Special. It tackles a topic that does not fall into any other categories.

The also provides the visitors the current staff in position. And for the Editorial Staff, Winter 2015 the Editor-in-Chief was Paul Lintilhac, the Executive Editor was Zachary De, the Managing Editor was Eli Lichtenstein, the Publisher was Joseph Z. T. Mesphin, the Treasurer was Kate B. Miller, and the Section Editors are Rachel Aragon, Alice Lloyd, Joseph Mesfin, Wonik Jang, and Ben Turner.

On the contact tab on the website, they provide a link where the visitor can send an email. They also provide details where a student or visitor can find them inside the campus. They can go to Robinson 202 or 204 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM every other week in the term. The Dartmouth Free Press website also shows and has links to their Partner Publications. See the list of their partner publications below:

  • Boiling Point of the University of North Carolina
  • Diskord of the University of Chicago
  • The Pragmatist of the Ohio State University
  • Orbis of the Vanderbilt
  • The Stanford Progressive of the Stanford University
  • Rifle Optics World of the Good Friend Almo

History of Dartmouth Free Press website

The history page of the Dartmouth free press website, tells a story of how they started to build the paper from the previous editors of the said website. The first story was from Tim Waligore, an editor from 2001. As per Tim, he just realized that he enjoyed opinion in journalism and wanted to fight the battles in campus politics. Then one summer in 2001, Tim and his friends, Dan Pollock, and Michell Chui hatched their plans while having a drink and he suggested naming the paper “The Dartmouth Free Press”. Tim shared that they almost stop and quit doing the paper but at the last moment, they were convinced that students’ support would be forthcoming if they pressed on. As they started as a small group, they were pushed to work late nights. They had to stay up for days without sleep to put and publish their first issues. They also had difficulty in finding writers and always struggled to find cover art for their issues. The first paper they’d published was eight black and white thin pulpy pages.

In the second year of The Dartmouth Free Press, it was easier for that time editor, Jeff Vardaro. As per Jeff, one of his most important contributions to the DFP (Dartmouth Free Press) first volume is making their cover white instead of pink. He also lends his own digital camera from time to time to their photographers. By Jeff’s time, they already had a full-sized staff that has completely different ideological opinions. They also had enough funding and staff to keep their publishing, so all they need to do id to function very well and make their work not just permanent, but also relevant.

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