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Domain History of Mercado & Hartung Website

By Tristan

About Mercado & Hartung Attorneys At Law Website was a website made for lawyers Christopher Mercado and Stephanie Hartung. Mercado & Hartung are sworn to provide the very best legal service they can. As per the website, they can help their clients with Criminal Offenses, DUI, Litigation, Consumer Rights, Estate Planning, Foreclosure, and Bankruptcy. 

Whether the client is looking for a personal injury attorney or general counsel, Mercado & Hartung can help as they have 10 years of experience that is necessary to provide their clients with a strong and effective representation. The website makes sure that they are very committed to their clients. They are offering free consultation and can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

The website also provides insight on how to select a Seattle lawyer, and one of their advice is to look at the track record of the firm. They are informing their website visitors to visit their testimonial page to read what past clients have said about them. They also provide the contact and email address of Christopher and Stephanie.

Services Offered in Mercado & Hartung website

The website has a testimonial page that will help visitors or future clients to decide if they are the best lawyers to hire for their cases. Some of the testimonials posted on their website are below:

  • I have been working with Christopher Mercado with my business since the beginning of 2011, I am confident in his counsel and he’s always been responsive when we are working together on negotiations and contracts. I would recommend him to anyone starting a business, purchasing a business, or working with contracts, personally or professionally. He wants what’s in your best interest and his knowledge makes you feel comfortable in making big business decisions.  Thank you, Chris! – Annie, January 2014
  •  Stephanie was amazing. She contacted me personally by phone and by email to keep me updated on my case. She gave me realistic expectations for my case and explained the legal proceedings in terms I could understand. The best part was that she got me a great deal on my DUI, which was amazing. My case was challenging and she was able to make a bad situation turn out alright. She treated me with respect and care. Even though I had committed a crime, she did not let that affect her professionalism. If I had a question regarding my case she responded immediately and with a detailed answer. If she was unable to reach me as soon as she would have liked she would have one of her colleagues contact me. Stephanie is a fantastic lawyer and proves so through her professionalism and diligence to her clients. –A DUI Client, 1 year ago

The website proves that the firm has been serving and doing great assistance to its clients. The website also provided their areas of practice. The first practice area they are serving is Criminal defense; under this practice area, they are helping clients that have a DUI, Assault, Reckless Driving, Drug Offenses, and Traffic Infractions. The second practice area is Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, and under this practice area, they are helping clients in regards to Foreclosure Defense Litigation & support and Consumer Bankruptcy and Debt Relief cases. And last in their practice area is the Estate Planning and Business Law.

The Mercado and Hartung website also has a Contact Us page where the clients can fill out the contact form for a free consultation. They can also directly call the firm at 206-898-2336. Alternatively, they are also offering the clients to visit their office at 9709 3rd Ave NE Suite 450 Seattle, WA 98115. The said page also provides a Google map. The Contact page also shows the social media of the firm. They can click the link provided for the Mercado & Hartung official Facebook page or can follow the attorneys on their individual Twitter accounts. The website also has a Blog page for all the blog posts regarding the Mercado & Hartung law firm.

The Lawyers of Website

The Mercado & Hartung Attorneys at Law consisted of two lawyers namely Christopher Mercado and Stephanie Hartung.

Christopher Mercado, sometimes called Chris earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Washington. He earned his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law and got licensed to practice law in Washington State. Chris started his career working as a Corporate Litigator for various Law firms and corporations in Seattle. He also practiced in both State and Federal courts in all counties of Washington State. On the more personal side of Chris, he is an avid sports fan of UW Huskies; he also enjoys traveling and running.

Stephanie Hartung has earned a degree in Psychology and Law & Justice at Central Washington University. Stephanie earned her law degree from the Seattle University of Law and was also licensed to practice law in Washington State. Stephanie began her career as a prosecutor at the City of Yakima and became a public defender after that. Stephanie routinely practices in over 30 different courts. She is one of the well-respected lawyers in Seattle.

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