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Domain History of nyemployeerights.com

By Tristan

About nyemployeerights.com

Nyemployeerights.com was a website for Arfa Firm. Individuals who were cheated by their employers can visit their website and schedule a free consultation. Arfa Firm specializes in labor relations and employment law. Their practice includes counseling and representation of clients in litigation and arbitration in wrongful termination and unpaid wage claims. Individuals who also have overtime, bonus, and compensation disputes with their employers may also contact them. Arfa Firm also handles claims involving discrimination. This includes sexual harassment, breach of contract, restrictive covenants or “non-competes”, whistleblower, and other related employment matters.

Arfa Firm is a law firm established by Attorney Jonathan P. Arfa. It is located at 2 Westchester Park Drive White Plains, New York 10604. Any interested individual may reach them by calling  914 694 100. To read other related articles, visit Lawyer News.

Services offered at nyemployeerights.com

Arfa Firm assists individuals needing help with overtime and unpaid wage claims. These include unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, unpaid commissions, working off the time clock, pay for on-call work, rest and meal break laws, travel reimbursement, uniform expense, wage deductions, vacation pay, holiday pay, commissions, earned bonuses, tips, failure to pay, minimum wage, failure to pay overtime, and misclassification of employees as exempt.

According to the website, stockbrokers, restaurant workers, office workers, paralegals, sales representatives, handymen, gardeners, insurance brokers, bookkeepers, secretaries, laborers, salaried workers, technicians, delivery people, “independent contractors”, administrative assistants, housekeepers, nannies, and accountants are among the examples of individuals who may have the legal rights to file a claim or a case against their employers if they ever find themselves in unfair positions and situations. 

Who We Are

By clicking on “Who We Are” at the top of the page, visitors are redirected to a page where they can read information about the firm. Here, readers can see the qualifications of Attorney Jonathan. His education, prior affiliations, and court admissions are also presented here. Publications written and co-authored by Attorney Arfa are also listed on this page. A Handbook of Strategies for Saving Your Neck When the Ax Falls at Work, “NLRB Representation Elections — Law, Practice & Procedure” (2 volume treatise), “Plant Closings and Relocations”, and Law Journal Seminars Course Handbook are among them. A publication entitled “Fired, Laid Off or Pushed Out?”  by Attorney Arfa is also available on this page. Interested individuals may purchase a copy on Amazon for only $9.99 on Kindle and $18. 99 on paperback by clicking the link provided. 

Other Issues Handled By This Firm

The page “Other Issues Handled By This Firm” contains the other issues Arfa Firm can provide assistance to. These include: sexual harassment, discrimination, family & medical leave, overtime, USERRA, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, employment contracts, civil rights, EEOC claims, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Common Questions About Overtime and Unpaid Wage Claims

Frequently asked questions regarding overtime and unpaid wage claims can be found on the website’s “Common Questions About Overtime and Unpaid Wage Claims” page. “What Laws Protect Me?”, “Wage Payment Laws”, “Minimum wage and Overtime”, “Related Wage Payment Issues”, and “If I Have Not Been Properly Paid, What Will I Receive?” are the questions and topics listed on the said page. Readers may read the answers and discussion by clicking the link below each question or topic they are interested in. 

Common Scenarios

On the Common Scenarios section of the website, different scenarios that may describe a visitor’s situation are listed. Among these scenarios are:

  • You have been fired or laid off and you have not received your final paycheck.
  • You have been fired or laid off and have not received your unused vacation.
  • You have been fired or laid off and have not received your severance.
  • You are paid at your regular hourly rate for all hours you work, even if you work over 40 hours in a single workweek.
  • You are paid the same weekly salary no matter how many hours you work, and you aren’t involved in management, supervision, or decision-making for the business.
  • You don’t get paid overtime when you work more than 40 hours in one week and less than 40 hours in the next week.
  • You are not paid for overtime hours because you didn’t record the time you worked even though your employer knows or has reason to know that you are doing the work.
  • You are not paid for overtime hours because you didn’t get advance permission to work the overtime even though your employer knows or has reason to know that you are doing the work.
  • You work through your lunch break or eat lunch at your desk while continuing to work but don’t get paid for the time.
  • You get to work before your workday is scheduled to begin and start working doing such things as making work-related telephone calls, reading and responding to work emails, or setting up for the day but don’t get paid for this time.
  • You don’t clock in or sign in until your scheduled start time even though you get to work before your workday is scheduled to begin and start working.

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